Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface

Super Smash Brothers IMPACT

Well. Me and a bunch of other people are working on a super smash bros. based mugen. I know you're thinking, "Xatoku DUMBASS, It's been done before" Well it has but not the way were doing it. We have the code allready but basically it will have the ringout and % system and overall Play like SSB. But since the spriters quit we now have to use original sprites. :(. But you can save the day. Usually I ask for your guys' help for dumb stuff. But now I am begging. Please help with this project. What you could do is sprite characters or stages, edit sprite sheets with our style, write storyline, make videos, promos, a THEME SONG even! But seriously guys please help because I'm working on this project alot and I want you guys to help to. SO without further adue heres the link.

SSB IMPACT Forums (Where you can sign up to help and post your work) -