Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface

Vexen on the Way

Well I've been busy for months now but I'm back. First off I'm going to get Vexen done just for you guys, because I like ya a lot. Now don't take that too seriously. Expect him up by Sunday.


Me and Cna are bros. again, so the next character will be XEMNAS!

Yes, another one but this time, Digital Gene Style ;)

You shall be informed on his release soon enough...

CNA Quit

Yeah, well kinda, I can't agree on anything with him, aswell as the fact that he's selfish. Unless it's about him, he won't care for it, and I can't work with that negativity. So until I get a new spriter, or sprite myself, there won't be any characters for a small while.

Riku's Done

Yeah, Replica Riku is now finished, the video is rendering as I type. He came out...amazing. Probably the best character I've made so far, hate to be conceited...but better then Valacent's even. You guys will like what you see ;)

New Slogans

Hey guys. The new Team (Digital Gene) are deciding on a new slogan for the website. You can vote in the poll which one you think is better.

Option 1: Our Sprite Can Fight To The Maximum Mugen Light


Option 2: Sprites can fight, you just gotta bring life to them.

New Character: Heartless Riku

Yeah I know Valacent already has one, one that spams ultimate attacks I might add, so I'm gonna go all Xatoku on it and make an awesom-er one that will rock yoar socks. Yeah, Xout.


Alright for the XMV there is now a deadline for April 30th so Hurry up people!1 Remember winner gets ANY char they want made!

Next Character

SORA. Before Terra and Before Ven. Nuff said, I'll release a trailer soon.

XMV Contest

Hey guys. I have had a coool idea. Whoever can make a good Music Video using only my mugen characters, will have ANY character made of their choice, aslong as it has sprites. If you would like to enter, then upload your video via YouTube and then email me the link at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

Chars I WON'T Make....
Terra (already in production)
Ven (already in production)

That is all.


I'm not quitting you dumbasses. Anyways once CNA finishes his Terra sprites i'll make him until then. YOU ARE ALL RETARDED!