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Leaxaeus Final Attacks

Allright so as you all know I'm working on Lexaeus but I'm having...Kingdomheartsmugenator's block so i need help with 2 more attacks for the Lman

So far there is....

6 Hit Combo, Slash,Slash,Rock summon
Rock summons, Summons 3 rocks that do damage
Weapon Throw, Throws Tomohawk up and it comes down on the opponent
Charge power, because he's soooo strong he needs to charge his power so he has this

I like to fill every button and then add extras if found but yeah if you wanna help i will be making a thread on my forum in the....something section lol idk yet but it will be where you can post your ideas.

PS: I am now playing World Of Warcraft a little bit so if anybody wants to play with me, just ask, remember I have a ps3 and 360 too so yeah, if ya'll wanna play some halo 3 or something I'll be here. Also please give the Lexaeus attacks fast cuz i have strept throat and won't go to work or school tommorow because I'll be home all day so i can work my ass off. That's all peace.